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What is the primary reason businesses use an outside service for 
telemarketing and appointment setting?

To avoid hiring, training and managing employees to do this in house

What type of business benefits the most by marketing their products over te phone?

All businesses who with a target market who can be reached by phone will benefit from telemarketing.  All we need is a company name and phone number and we will do the rest.

What do I need to get started?

You need a clear picture of who you want to target and a message you want us to communicate by phone.  We will write a script based on the information you provide us and our knowledge of the market that you are targetting.  Your information will be incorporated into our script format, we will create the call list and begin calling.  

How soon will I receive appointments?

You will receive appointments from the first day of calling.  These appointments will be verified by a manager then sent to you by email.

Do you confirm the appointment?

Yes, we confirm the appointments starting 2 days before the appointment takes
place.  There is no cost for the verification and confirmation steps of our process.

How many people do you call in a hour?

We dial between 30 and 40 numbers an hour and talk to 3-5 decision makers an hour.  We only present the services to a decision maker or person of influence.  We ask for and verify that the person we are setting the appointment with is qualified to make a decision or strongly influence the decision maker.

How will you know my calendar?

You tell us what days and times you want to have appointments and we wil schedule them based on your preference.  We keep separate calendars for each salesrep to avoid double-booking time slots.

What about cancelled appointments?

It is our job to reschedule appointments that cancel, at no cost to you if the prospect is interested in doing so.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Who do I call to get started?

Tanya Curry at 888-483-0550
or email: tanya@marketsearchleads.com