Target Market Identification and List Formualtion by Line of Business, Geographic Area and Size of Company

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Telemarketing and Appointment Setting
Market Search is a full service outbound telemarketing company. We help maximize your sales opportunities by researching new business in your market. We qualify leads and set appointments with businesses who are interested in hearing about your services.  Our goal is to increase sales for your product or service.  Appointments are set by an account executive who is trained to pre-sell your product or service.  A manager verifies the appointment before it is sent to you to check the qualify.  Finally, the appointment is confirmed before you go to it to be sure the prospect is ready and waiting for your meeting
The value of your lead generation activities is only a good as the value of your list.  Target your ideal prospect by phone or mail to achieve positive results.  Market Search will create your target marketing list based on geography, line of business and number of employees.  This list will be used by us to contact prospects to inform them of your service or product.  Our list can be combined with your list for maximum effectiveness.  We update lists yearly at no cost to you to be sure we are covering the market efficiently and are always working from a clean, fresh list.
Target Market Identification and List Formulation
Market Research--Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Prospects
What do people think about you, your business, your product and your competition?....Just ask! and find out who is ready to buy and what they are looking for. Are you creating a new product, moving into a new territory or do you want to know what your competition is doing?  Let Market Search ask the questions and gather information for you.  We will complete customer research studies, survey new and existing customers to determine their needs for the future and find out what they like or dislike
about their existing systems.  In addition, we will gather the intelligence you need to make smart decisions relating to business development and marketing strategy.